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: the view from curtis in pensacola, florida. republican line. jeremy, annapolis, maryland. do you have faith in president obama and/or congress? what do you think? hello, jeremy? go ahead, paul, from annapolis. caller: how are you doing? i definitely have faith in president obama. i think the american people are too impatient. to make a change in our economy and country -- to expect that it could be done in less than a year, or a year, it is just ridiculous. host: what is your own situation in terms of jobs and the economy and that kind of thing, and what do you make of folks who might be jobless, losing homes, can't get loans? caller: the actual -- 75%. think that the solution is to totally they'll a year and a half and -- bail a year-and-a-half in and say a whole year and half north dakota largest economic cataclysm -- a whole year and a half in the largest economic cataclysm. host: now i have jeremy on the line, republican. caller: yes, i am. to your two previous callers, the first one, curtis, if you are so dissatisfied with the va system, you can take an inner tube and flew to cuba and
1 the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from maryland, congressman kratovil. mr. kratovil: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to five requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland rise? >> request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker: without objection. >> madam speaker, today i rise to ask my colleagues to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of the salisbury alumni chapter of kappa alpha chi fraternity. this year marks 20 years of dedication to the youth of salisbury, maryland, by providing them with a positive outlet through their summer basketball league. mr. kratovil: the co-directors of the basketball league are bruce wharton and tom van landinghan. they have a program that keeps children off the street when schools are closed. the league started for kids o
than the home. host: glenn bernie, maryland. on our line for republicans. caller: i'm a 62-year-old diabetic that has been out of work for 18 months. my unemployment is gone. i am considering applying for social security but i could not live on that. what qualifies you for medicaid? guest: it varies by state. i am not too familiar with maryland. maryland tends to be one of the, i think, one of the higher- income states. if you are a single woman with no children it depends on the income level. i think it is 100% of poverty. if you are unemployed, that counts as income, but if you are below 100% of the poverty level and you apply, there is an asset test. if you have an expensive house, a lot of money in the bank, that might not work. every state has different qualifications, different thresholds. call the state of maryland resource office and apply. if you have been unemployed in your assets have diminished, you probably have a reasonably good chance. to be honest, you have a much better chance if you have children. host: does every state have the same party line figure? guest: y
call from columbia, maryland. bill is on our democrats line. caller: i will speak fast so i it -- because i have a lot to say. we have people available to give up their jobs, the baby boomers, anyone born from 1946 through 1964, 78 million baby boomers. the 7000 baby boomers reach the age of 62 every single day. people, if given the right incentives, would retire. many people will not retire because of medical benefits. the federal government should drop the medicaid age requirement from 65 to 62. and buying fixed mortgages for these people with just a paper change, at a 3%, would drop the money they have to put out each month. and the state governments and federal government can look into -- but we have people right now who would retire if given the right incentives. remember, 7000 baby boomers per day are available to give up their jobs and would do it with the right incentives but the government is not looking at its. not even talking about this pool of people -- they changed america as they have gone through the years. they can do it again. they are waiting and willing t
year. what do you think? maryland, good morning. caller: the biggest supporters for the volt but of be ball in venezuela, iraq, iran, the people that are scared of americans coming at them and sending blackwater to plant bombs and kill 600,000 people like they did in iraq, which they continue to do. our water is turning black in the gulf just because god is punishing us for what we did over there by looking the other way when blackwater was killing all of those people, which they continue to do. all of these bombs in pakistan and iraq, oil for blackwater. it will save us from doing that for the world. i hope to god that this is a great success. it will save the world on the monsters we have created. host: thank you. "$41,000, that is more than i over my house. i would purchase a segue first before i spend that much of my car." who has insurance, who does not have health insurance? looking at a state-by-state breakdown, the number of uninsured in massachusetts is 435,000, washington, d.c., 65,000, ohio is that 1.1 million, virginia is of around 1 million, california is a 6.4 m
: alex at city, maryland. independent line. caller: definitely particularly in local races. i look for independents. i am very unhappy with the direction we are going socially and fiscally, to say it is a wasted vote is equivalent of finding the winner and cast the vote in that direction. host: have you voted for them in the past? caller: absolutely. host: why is it? why are you more attracted to an independent voter? caller: because they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. host: who you point to as the candidate or politician who represents that, independent? caller: michael bloomberg. caller: he is someone you would like to see more -- michael bloombergs running? we corresponded -- caller: we corresponded by e- mail and i'm very impressed with him. host: good morning in baltimore. are you with us? one last time. all right. i am going to put you on hold here and we will come back to you in just a minute. this is also an article this morning from "roll call." outside groups aiding gop cause this cycle. this piece says that whether or not they have the dollars to make an
and have put them out. host: what is located in fort meade, maryland? guest: there is really this alternative geography. to get there, you need to look at this map that we have put together. in order to tell you how big it is, we tried to count the number of organizations that operate at the top secret level, the number of contractors that operate at a top-secret level. we do not go that specific, but then he looked around the country -- we looked around the country for the high concentrations around the country. this is where the concentration is the most tense. the reason is because the national security agency is there, the largest intelligence agency in the country. the concentration there is based on the needs of the nsa, so you have hundreds of contractors that have gathered around the national security agency to serve the agency. so between the agency, other secret government organizations in the area, contractors that have come to help the agency do what it does, the largest concentration in the country. it is an interesting way to look at the country. we have sort of
will secretary -- agricultural secretary. helen tweets this -- >> is a call from maryland. sheila, independent line. caller: yes, my name is sheila. and all i wanted to do is share with your listeners our situation so they can see just how challenging this government is going to be, and whether you are democrat or republican or independent, we absolutely have to start holding our representatives accountable to us. it is not us and then -- us and them, it is us. we send people to washington and they are executing plans and are not held accountable. we on a farm. i family had this farm since 1771. it has been passed down seven generations. and i am in severn closing out the property we inherited from a family member who recently passed away. so, we now have two properties. the property in winslow, because these home values were run up and the phantom equity that we supposedly have by bank appraisers sent out working for banks, we now are taxed on our farm back almost a million dollars. because the taxes and property values are so high on this farm, our insurance home was put for half a million d
to justify the the investment needed. -- needed." the first call comes from jeremy, baltimore, maryland. go ahead. caller: how's it going? thank you for [no audio] host: jeremy? caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: i do not think it would be the most prudent thing to do right now given our current economic standing. i think we should cut back on spending. i do not think that this would be the most prudent thing to do. not for government spending. host: you think that the private sector can do a better job at extending the reach of the internet into these rural areas it? caller: considering our government spending right now, i think it right now it would not be the most prudent thing for the government to do. we should try other means, expanding things. i think that that will probably be a lot better if we give the private industry a try. host: more from "the new york times," article in the business section this morning. "for some it will mean the difference between isolation and being connected to the rest of the world. "if you have no high-speed internet connection it is almost impossibl
, maryland. independent color. caller: i just wanted to ask what is the reason that we are not in afghanistan in iraq? i hear plenty of reports about what is going on, different people's opinions, but quite honestly, i don't understand -- maybe i am a fool -- why are we there? i think it needs addressing. i also think that our present needs to have some press conferences. i do not -- our president needs to have some press conferences. host: and news stories from "the washington post." in harlem, charlie rangel is still a hero. of course, the house subcommittee is looking at what charlie rangel, among other things, improperly used his congressional seat to solicit money and there are other charges he is facing. also from "usa today," white house uses joe biden as campaigner in chief. they look at stops on the campaign trail that president obama and the vice president have taken. the coveted headliner is really the first lady. let's go to walter loeb, iowa, bob, republican. caller: i am sorry, i forgot your name. but i just wanted to say that you are doing a good job today. these odd calls an o
, maryland, republican line, bill. caller: i know a bit about the problems. i have been in the business 42 years as a scientist. this has been a shift of offals with obama leading the way. i have been a consultant to u.s. domestic oil companies and foreign oil companies. in environmental and safety matters. i will say that american companies run to a higher standard on environmental and higher standard on safety. that is a fact because i have worked for both of them. this whole thing should not have happened in the first place, but there are thousands and thousands of oil rigs operating in the gulf safely and without problems. it is completely inappropriate for an experience and on educated government official to come in and of -- and presumably to have all the answers because they don't. the biggest problem is that there is high regulation but for the most part the regulators don't understand what they are looking at and don't know what they are doing. i have been there, done that, seen that, and i shake my head at out incompetents the government regulators are. that is what i have to say
, on line in your way. >> this week on "the communicators," the maryland attorney general and cable europe president, tonight on c- span 2. >> for a snapshot of washington and the 111th congress, the c- span congressional directory, i reference guide to supreme court justices, house members, state justices and more. online pabst -- online at c-span, bringing you a direct link to politics, history, and nonfiction books, created by america's cable companies. >> "washington journal" continues. host: susan ferrechio, from "the washington examiner," joining us to talk about the washington summer agenda. they do not have a lot of time before they break again for august. what are the top five items on their agenda before they leave again? guest: you are right, they do not have a lot of time. particularly in the house. it is the senate where most of the action takes place. it will take about five weeks. depending on whether or not they want to stick around. the big thing in this work. will be the nomination of elena kagan -- the big thing in this work period will be th
, maryland. david, are you with us? caller: hello? host: welcome. i see that you are calling on the democratic line. go right ahead. do you think that national security and intelligence security are keeping us safe? caller: know. if it was about the bloated budget that we have, what about one week ago? but why would like to say to all of the chicken hawk republicans, if you would like to balance the budget, bring the military people home and save that money, but the fbi and the cia do the job they did not do after 9/11. bush gave medals the people that should have been fired. someone it messes with us? we turn them into a parking lot. simple. thank you. host: looking at politics in "usa today," the reflections of an anxious electorate." "new to politics, this stay at home mom has become the director of the local tea party patriots, leaving some of the headed up to -- leading some of the had it up to hear conservatives. their favorite candidate has gone from longshot the front runner in his race against a former lieutenant governor, who is backed by the republican establishmen
person over and over. maryland, ray, good morning. caller: if the people should step down from the senate and the congress when they are 70 years old, why is it that the supreme court people stay on their sometimes until they are dead? that is ridiculous. they all should step down because if the senators are not capable of doing their job, which apparently is the case now, they are not doing their job, because of age, the supreme court, they should also be retired at 70. host: nor folk, new york, bob, you are on the air. caller: thank you for the opportunity. they have got to give you the best. so, i think that there should be term limits on these guys. an old dog can learn good new tricks. i think that i would like to see term limits. thank you very much. host: this is from "the new york times" this morning. "former bush justice department official that approve the brutal methods told congress that he never authorize other rough tactics reportedly inflicted on terrorism suspects. in closed-door testimony before the house judiciary committee on may 26, the official said that the cia never
of this year. we could take a look on that a little more. frederick, maryland, luann on the republican line, thank you for calling. caller: thank you for c-span. i just want to say i hope they do not cut those tax cuts. i am so disgusted with the obama administration and the amount of money that my grandchildren right now and their children will have to pay. there is no way we're going to get out of this. we need to keep those tax cuts. i just want to say one other thing before you let me go. i notice that whenever a democrat is on talking that they get to speak longer than any other republican. but i just want to say that what is happening to our country money wise with the war, with everything we see going on around us, we are not going to be in america much longer, and i don't understand why people can't wake up and see that this country is going down the tubes because of all the spending. it is not republicans. don't blame the republicans. they are trying to save money not to put our children in debt, and that is exactly what is happening and it is so sad. >> listen to house speaker nan
: there is a rematch in terms of governments -- governors in maryland, bob ehrlich trying to reclaim his seat from martin o'malley. in california there's a lot of concentration on jerry brown, who served in the 1970's through the 1980's, trying to come back in -- against meg whitman, who last cal spent $81 million of her own money to become governor. guest: that is right. and she will be spending $120 million before it is all over. there have been candidates in the past in california that have spent hugely and lost. michael huffington and darrell i saw come to mind. it is not any guarantee that she will win. democrats think that they have a fairly good shot because she has moved to the right to win her primary and because voters in primary may not think it is time for an outsider. they tried that with governor arnold schwarzenegger. the experience may not be negative for former governor brown. it is not a great landscape for democrats. but there are some bright spots and possibilities. host: we spoke to congressman beryl eisa -- darryl isa, he was asked about the immigration issue and the impact i
% of the time. maryland, republican line. go ahead. caller: i think the perception that the supreme court is right- leaning is inconsistent, because it is really more of focus on our current government, which is so left-leaning. and i think part of what is amplifying everything is just the fact that you have so many attempts at changing the way that the country has been run, more of a socialist movement, that the stuff that is coming down from the courts does not necessarily along with the president. so there is the focus. and i have one other comment. i do not think the "the new york times" is a very valid newspaper organization, that you can even take their stories and believe that they are going to be balanced. host: off of twitter. "yes, the court is a very conservative and corporative, more business-minded and nothing for the people of the country." phoenix, arizona, independent one. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to reiterate what the last caller said as far as "the new york times" putting this article out. isn't that a left-leaning publication as far as politics i
: let's move on to maryland, on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i think the president can rebound even though he has a lot of people who are against him, especially the other parties. i think evealso corporations are holding back on jobs. there was an article in the "washington post" this week that said some are holding back on their cash reserves, making sure that they will have money, but at the same time keep advertising jobs. but they're not hiring people. if i were the president, if you go online to usa jobs, a lot of those are government jobs. i would make sure my administration would not have any type of jobs out there, no longer than 90 days. host: this morning in the new orleans paper -- jindal thrived in crisis. also, this morning in "the washington post" -- cap may erase sense of hopelessness in oil spill. joe writes -- so is it over? joining us on the phone to update us on the situation regarding the capping of the well and the cleanup in the gulf is admiral thad allen, retired u.s. coast guard, now the national incident commander of the deep water horizon oil
experiences in baltimore, maryland and she said some of the teachers and parents say that they are dumb and she said they are not. she said we need to be engaged in the process. this is something we have to prove to the world richie also talks about the waste and abuse in the d.c. public schools. dismissal of to get 41 teachers in washington, d.c., your reaction? -- dismissal of to order 41 teachers in washington, d.c., your reaction? caller: i oppose it because of one reason. i think it is too much pressure on the teachers about how the school system is going on when it is really about the politicians. we should be more focused on what programs are cut and i think it should be up to the parents for it if you cannot discipline kids at home, how do you expect the teachers to do anything? they should be more focused on pta meetings. i was once a teacher years ago to is very rare that you could do anything about the classroom if you cannot discipline. you can be the best teacher in the world but you cannot control the discipline and the teachers are not attending pta, that is a problem. ho
. and that's why people still want to come here. host: clinton in maryland. a democrat. caller: first of all, let me say how impressed i am with ali, and yourself, dear. you're one of the best. for the lack of sounding naive on this subject, it seems to me that we have to go back a couple hundred years historically. the people we're trying to keep away from our borders in coming in, culturally and historically, it's their land. and i know this is the third rail in this whole argument, because we talk about security and guns being run into mexico and drugs are coming out, and all of those criminal matters. but it seems to me, and much smarter people should debate this. much smarter people than myself should debate the -- when the united states was created the whole issue of texas and the mexican territory. host: because we're short on time, i want to get a response. guest: first of all, thank you for the kind words. yesterday at the president's speech, i met a tribal leader who -- who is part of a resident vacation along the border. and he was talking about the the security issues that they h
force rule. maryland is next on our independent line talking about the elections of 2010, and with it will be a remped dumb on the current president. but before we do that, in light of the story we just read, here is general petraeus yesterday among ceremonies of him taking control in afghanistan. >> the confidence of the afghan people. in so doing they're killing and maming innocent civilians on a daily basis. no tactic is beneath the insurgents. indeed, they even use unwitting children and they frequently seek to create situations that will result in injury to afghan citizens. in answer, we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban that afghan and isaf forces are here to safe guard the afghan people and that we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. host: jim, thanks for waiting. go ahead. caller: i thought that his chances being elected are definitely affected by what he has been able to accomplish thus far, as far as pulling troops out, protecting us from wire tapping. and those hard core issues, which actually he doubled the number of troops over th
an activity with the children in maryland. the kid says hey, first lady, my mother says the president is trying to get people out of the country who don't have papers. and but we're trying to get papers. and the first lady handled it softly and said we'll -- but there's 4 million kids like that in america. i say bring them forward, fingerprint them. register them with the government. make sure they are not involved in criminal activity and tax them and team them english. let that little 7 queerled-year-old girl have a mother. host: republican line, bonnie. good morning. caller: i have a question. please don't cut me off, because this here has really been -- haiti has the highest rate of child slavery. they have opened up the flood gates and there's these old men who bring three and four young women to new york and have children by every one of them and their culture, they all go on welfare. my son does construction and he told me he would rather have a mexican come in and work. when they come in, they come in. they do their job. no mess. no fuss. they don't argue, and everybody has a
: got the point, caller. aberdeen, maryland, jason on the republican line. what do you think of what the chairman said? caller: i think it's wonderfully consistent with the republican party with michael steele at the helm. continued conflicting message between their own party. this party is in disarray. they need to get it together. michael steele has an array of things he should have been fired for and the reason he's not been fired, the only reason is because they're afraid to fire the black man they hired. that's plain and simple. host: here is bill kristol's letter, i think we have time, dear michael you are i know a patriot so i ask you to consider over this july fourth weekend doing an act of service for the country you love. resign as chairman of the republican party. your tenure has been marked by gaffes and embarmentse, but i for one have never made much attention to them and never thought they would matter much to the success of the causes and principles we share. but now you have said about the war in afghanistan speaking as r.n.c. chair, quote, keep in mind federal candid
cheaper liquor, their rundown to maryland or new jersey. they go somewhere else where they are not run by the states. if the state gets rid of it, we do away with the wages. a point on wages, by the way. the wages for state workers are very good. the benefits are excellent. you cannot get all of those benefits in private industry. there is a lot of cost and maintenance and upkeep for those. basically, they are getting some profit at the height maintenance cost. collect the taxes. we will get as much money as we would from the so-called profit from the liquor stores. and the unions -- the salary in the state is very good. benefits are excellent. but state government is inefficient. we probably have too many people to begin with. unions, by and large, do you ever notice when we talk about bankers and wall street and those fat cats, we always used the term, "agreed -- "greed?" but if you try to cut saiu by 1 cent, the greed comes out of their years and their eyes. it is amazing. host: we're down to the last minute or so. give us your take on the future of the keystone state economically.
a little time left. from silver spring, maryland's next with bob on the republican line. caller: i look forward to reading your book. can you tell us how many foreign countries the u.s. has troops in? and how much this is costing every year? guest: good question. i don't have the numbers off the top of my head. i actually think trying to get a firm number is very difficult. some people have tried. the number of countries where the u.s. has military presence is large. the cost of that is quite remarkably high. i am not suggesting the u.s. should withdraw from all those commitments. there are lots of places in the world where the expense is relatively low given the degree of stability that we maintain. it might not be a good idea for the u.s. to withdraw troops from japan and have japan go nuclear and then have a more destabilizing arms race in asia. but i think there are -- i don't think -- we should be willing to have a hard look at all of these commitments and not simply allow the inner chef of past commitments to basically continue on forever, because i think we are going to have to
a comment. host: mount airy, maryland. caller: basically, people in washington are not listening to the american people. if you closed down the border, it would show that we are the problem. the drug traffic would stop because the border would be closed. that would address a lot of issues. it is not a matter of democrat, republican. we are pretty much in the same vote. host: jess ford is the director of international affairs and trade at the gao. have you looked at the issue of the fence along the border? guest: we have another part of the gao looking at that part of the program, looking at border initiatives. we have not yet completed the work, so i cannot comment on our findings. host: arkansas. caller: i just have a simple question. why is this administration, and the past administration, why the you keep trying to build a nationations? this is our nation. we are not doing this for the people of mexico. we have people dying, we have had state parks that are closing down, but you refuse to recognize that. i do not understand. a lot of american people do not understand. why do y
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